Big Yorkshire Charity Shop Haul

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Obviously hitting the chairty shops is my number one game... guess what we managed to pick up from Yorkshire when we went away?

Brand new hardback book for 30p at Salvation Army! 

Giant set of the Toot Toot car track which includes the construction set, individual cars and a few small sets.... £3.99 Oxfam

Cute little PJ's for £1.25

It's a bit too big yet but for 50p you can't complain

75p for a Thomas onesie

  Not sure why this image won't rotate but... Brand new reins for £1.99 thanks Oxfam

Cute little purse for 75p great for my coins

Cute pink lace design belt for £1

I love this outfit. I got it from Banardos. Brand new jeans for £1.75 & the top for 99p

Check out my next blog post on the most amazing bargain of all time.....

I'm so excitedddddddddddddd

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