Home Bargains sell Yankee Candles Super Cheap!

Friday, July 01, 2016


Well, it is for me because there's nowhere local that sells Yankee Candles other than a small gift shop who don't have a tremendous amount to offer fragrance wise.. So even if they are the Yankee Candle Simply Home range - I don't even care right now!

They had several fragrances in the jars which are usually £9 (medium) and HB are selling them for an amazing price of £3.99!!

Although I didn't buy any of the jars I did buy tarts and votives.

Votives and tarts were 4 for £2 - how amazing is that! I think individually they're 59p each but I stocked up anyway.

Top Left - Strawberry Shortcake, Blueberry cheesecake x2, Rainwashed Berry
Row 2 - Stony Cove, Blueberry Cheesecake x2, Peach Smoothie
Row 3 - Blueberry cheesecake, soft cotton, sage and white tea, stony cove
Votives - Salty sea, summer flowers, sweet pea, tangerine and vanilla

And a new bowl because we ran out of storage room!

This is my current burn shelf... I seem to be buying way quicker than I'm burning! Stupid hayfever! I'll be back to writing reviews before you know it!

If you're lucky your local store might have some left - then again, at those prices... I doubt there will be much left!

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