Yankee Candle Review - Sunset Breeze

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

This Yankee sits in the 'Fresh' category, although and that's a massive although... I think it should be in the 'Fruit' category. It's incredibly fruity and doesn't come across as a fresh scent. I mean it's fresh fruity but not sickly fruity - if that makes any sense.

This was burning for about 10 minutes in the burner and I could already smell it so well, it filled my living room quite easily. It smells of pineapples and mangoes but to me doesn't remind me of a 'Sunset Breeze'... It is a warmer scent but smells nothing like I thought it would. The orange wax reminds me of fruit too. The throw is good, I just think it sits in the wrong category.

It's got a pretty decent kick to it. Very punchy !

                                                            Down to the serious stuff -
Strength of fragrance on cold throw - 7
Strength of fragrance on hot throw - 9
Would I purchase again? - YES

Here is the scent description from the Yankee Candle website:
Take an evening stroll on a beach, with scents of tropical fruits moving on the breeze, back and forth, just like the surf.
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