Yankee Candle Review - Passion Fruit Martini

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

This wax tart has a huge refreshing hit of mangoes, very summery, very fresh and sweet, it smells exactly like a cocktail!
It's a very strong tart and filled my living room within 10 minutes of my burner been on. It has such a great throw, and scent to match! It's perfect for summer and it's such a great scent to burn for a little pick me up. I'm shocked I like this one as I never really sway towards the fruity scents, I usually stick with the fresh and sometimes floral scents. As soon as I took the wrapper off and placed it in my burner it was a very strong throw... when it started melting it was even stronger, very impressed with this one. 

Down to the serious stuff -
Strength of fragrance on cold throw - 9
Strength of fragrance on hot throw - 10
Would I purchase again? - YES

It looks like jelly when its burning! I could smell it easily and that was before it had even begun melting.

                     Here is the scent description from the Yankee Candle website:

Sit back, relax and savour a tropical mix of passion fruit, mango and a zesty orange. It's like a long sip of a true beachside cocktail.
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