Yankee Candle Review - Dreamy Summer Nights

Saturday, July 30, 2016

This is going to be one of the quickest reviews I've written on this blog. Pretty much boils down to the fact that this wax tart is a complete shambles. It has zero throw unless you have your head right above your burner - and we all know how dangerous that could be. I was so let down with this fragrance, absolutely shocked at the throw. I expected a strong, bold fragrance with matching throw - just like the picture, name and colour suggests to me. Anyway, this was the lightest throw I've ever had from a Yankee, that light I had to check several times to see if my burner was actually on or not! Not cool Yankee, sort it out! I could literally only smell that waxy smell you get sometimes... not a particularly nice smell but that's all I got. I didn't pick up any of the woody notes or vanilla.

Maybe it's just my nose ... or maybe it's known for it's very light throw... Let me know if you've tried this please! 

Down to the serious stuff -
Strength of fragrance on cold throw - 3
Strength of fragrance on hot throw - 2
Would I purchase again? - No

                       Here is the scent description from the Yankee Candle website:
A relaxing blend of vanilla bean, heliotrope and a hint of woodiness—it spreads the subtle magic of a warm night in soft bloom.
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