Wilkos Reduced Laundry Stock....

Sunday, July 17, 2016

I think by now, everyone is aware on how mad I am with Lenor and other fabric products.

I spotted these which were reduced in Wilkos a few days ago. I have enough under my kitchen sink already, but that didn't stop me...I mean, I'll get through it all at some point won't I..

I'm so obsessed with these two scents in particular, how lucky was it that they were reduced. For some reason, In quite a few shops now, I've seen that the Pink Lenor Unstoppables has been reduced to clear - I really really really hope they aren't discontinuing it! I will actually cry - no joke.

The Lenor is a 76 wash bottle reduced from £6 to £2.60... for that reason I picked up two! I already have 2 full ones under the sink... but this is my favourite scent by far!

Still need to get to the bottom of why the pink unstoppables in reduced in most of the shops I've been in. I also picked up a blue unstoppables purely because my nan used it when we stayed last week and it smells gorgeous, so fresh.. thought I'd give it a go. Review on that one to follow...

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