Making changes - because change is good.

Saturday, July 02, 2016

I've decided to start making changes in my life. Some small, some huge, some needed, some not needed. I think it's good to keep a fresh mind and keep anything toxic out.

This week has made me think quite a lot, about anything and everything. I've had a lot of time to think because we've both been unwell.

I usually start my day with at least 2 cups of coffee/tea - each with two sugars in each! (I'm very much aware that's a lot of sugar for someone who is already so incredibly sweet..!) It's just the way it goes. I've dropped sugars down to 1 and my morning coffee's down to 1 too, I shouldn't need several coffees to be able to function! 

I'm sat here listening to JLS - Take a chance on me (my Youtube playlist is very old, shocking and dangerous to look at.....) and I was about to close my laptop and go to bed, but something came over me and made me write this blog post.. It's a pretty pointless post but my brain said I needed to write and post it... it's great what your brain does when you're extremely tired isn't it! 

Anyway, what was I saying... changes, ahh yes.

My aim is to eat more fruit too - several reasons behind this one. Today I had fruit... that was the first time I had eaten fruit in absolute years and I really enjoyed it. So instead of shying away from the fruit I'm going to dive right in from now on... and it will help me eat healthier - help me loose this weight I seem to be stuck at!

I've recently stopped smoking too. No other words. This was incredibly hard but having a chest infection helped. 

I've decided not to keep clutter anymore! If something isn't getting used it either goes in the bin or to the charity shop - no exceptions we get rid! 

See what else can change by Monday...
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