Don't disturb the child...

Sunday, July 03, 2016

Last night whilst on my way to bed I passed Rhuns bedroom and instantly wanted to grab him for some kisses and nuggies. I whispered his name and he muttered something and looked up with a big grin on his face. He mustn't have been in a very deep sleep at all so I took it as an opportunity to bring him into my bed for the night. 

Laid in bed and the smaller one makes a run for it, before I could grab him his legs were already pushed in my face and he was performing some sort of expressive dance mid air at the top of the bed.

'Rhun what on earth are you doing, why is your foot squashed against my nose and more importantly why is your bum up there when it should be down here. Why all of a sudden tonight can you not lie normally and straight like you have done for 15 Months, what's so different about tonight?'

After letting him wriggle for about 10 minutes, I moved him back into spooning position and he instantly fell asleep. Amazing. Maybe he just wanted me to hold him tight, maybe he missed sleeping in my bed. Maybe all we need is for someone to hold us tight every once in a while to make us feel safe and loved.

It was all a lie. It's now 1am and I haven't even had the chance to close my eyes yet. I 'accidentally' sneezed (yes, accidentally because we are not allowed to sneeze near sleeping toddlers). Rhun woke up, thought it was hilarious and was doing nothing but star jumps in bed from that point onwards. I couldn't cope with the wriggling and little feet kicking me in the stomach. I gave in and put him back in his own bed! Call me cruel but my god why did I even put myself through that? Why did I think it would be fun and lovely to get him out of his bed and put him in mine? Jokes on me now.

Mum 0 - 1 Toddler

Children are funny, energy filled, rumbling tumbling, nappy filling daredevils- most of all they are the ones who make us appreciate the smaller things in life.

But we love them all the while. 
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