Budget Baby Shower gift- How to

Saturday, July 02, 2016

These cute little 'Cupcakes' are extremely easy to make and such a cute gift for a baby shower.

You'll need some cupcake boxes - I picked up a pack of two for £1. I also got a pack of 3 glitter tapes from Poundland too just to decorate the box as I'm useless with ribbons and bows!

You'll also need a selection of garments, I had x6 vests and x6 wash cloths (for the insides).

In box 2 I did it slightly different so I'll explain that after.

It's so easy, all you need to do is roll the smaller item up inside the larger item, In my case the wash cloth inside the vests - making sure you leave some poking out of the top! Put them in a muffin case too if you want to go all out..

Repeat six times, Insert into box, decorate box .... done!

The one above is a 'cake' rather than 'cupcakes'.

All I used was a blanket, a hat and mittens set and some tissue paper to fill the box.

Do the same thing, roll the smaller items up inside the larger item, place in box, fill with tissue paper and decorate the box.

Cheap, simple ideas for a cute gift at a baby shower! 

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