Yankee Candle Review - Black Cherry

Wednesday, June 01, 2016

On cold throw (tart unopened), this is a very strong fragrance. This was one of the first Yankee Candles I had ever burnt. I'm currently running low on my large jar but found a tart and had to burn it. It's extremely fruity and smells exactly as you would imagine it to. Such a strong throw on cold and an even better throw whilst burning. This is by far one of the most raved about fragrances Yankee Candle have ever created - well done team Yankee! I salute you!  It fills the entire house with sweet smelling cherries, just what you need when the sun is out, so fruity! 

Strength of fragrance on cold throw - 8
Strength of fragrance on hot throw - 10
Would I purchase again? - Yes, without hesitation

Here is the scent description from the Yankee Candle website:

The absolutely delicious sweetness of rich, ripe black cherries.
Fragrance Notes:
Top: Cherry, Almond
Mid: Cherry, Cinnamon
Base: Sweet Cherry

Top note is the initial impression of the fragrance, middle note is the main body of the scent and base is its final impression.

If you do happen to have tried this, do let me know what you think!

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