White Vinegar Vs Vim - Mould Spots

Sunday, June 19, 2016

So I set myself a little experiment today. To compare two different products, both of which I'm pretty passionate about! However, today I'm using Stardrops White Vinegar (I usually use Wilkos own).

This inflatable cow had been stored in a shed for 2 years and had gotten pretty damp, cause well... shed are usually damp.. I found it full of mould spots - not ideal for a children's toy!

Scrubbing with water didn't do a thing, it didn't even fade the spots, and if you've ever tried cleaning mould spots off anything you'll know how stubborn they can be.

 Here's the inflatable cow before I had done anything with it... GROSS

Here's the cow after scrubbing with a scourer and white vinegar - NOTHING


Vim also managed to whiten up the brown tinged areas too.. super chuffed with this.. means I don't have to throw it out and buy a new one now.... It took me a good 20 minutes with a scourer and some Vim but look how clean it's come up, you can see from the previous photo that white vinegar did absolutely NOTHING, didn't even fade those stubborn marks.. I usually swear by white vinegar for stains too... almost feel let down..

Lesson learned here - don't throw anything with mould spots away again, just try Vim... It's all disinfected and ready to be played with again.

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