Top 5 products for nappy rash

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Luckily we have been ever so fortunate that we have only had a few dramas where nappy rash is concerned. It's still an uncomfortable subject though, not knowing exactly which product to reach for when there are so many similar products on the shelves in shops these days. I mean, I've been there, I've done it, I've bought nearly all the brands and compared them because as a new mum I wanted my baby to be nappy rash free but didn't have any experience with any of the products that sat in front of me. I've complied a list of my top 5 products (and friends) for nappy rash, be sure to check them out.

Ok these are in no particular order- 

Been around for years, one of the 'go to' nappy rash oitments which is readily availble.

Remember when using this product in the yellow tube, it stains everything! It is beyond incredible though.

I swear by this oatmeal based cream, leaves baby super soft!
Came across this brand online after reading raving reviews about it. Never seen it on shelves here but you can buy it online. Desitin Original is what I picked up.


It's liquid gold and can cure all.. Just ask your breastfeeding friends! 
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