Quackers for the charity shop bargains...

Thursday, June 23, 2016

We found more ducks today!

Rhun loves these little rubber ducks and we have managed to pick up a few from charity shops before for pennies. 

Today we picked these up from Age UK for 99p each. A trio box of mini ducks for 99p and another boxed duck with feathers :) (although I removed the feathers before Rhun tried eating them). 

 Rhun actually has the pink camo duck already but a full size one so finding a mini one was pretty cool. 

 And here's his collection so far :) the BUD ducks are actually quite expensive and around £20 per duck so finding them in charity shops for less than £1 each - some for as little as 49p each was a winner!

Must add... Rhun stole the big pink camo duck off our neighbour - this is what started his duck collection off!

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