Product of the week - Vim

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Why on earth have I NEVER heard of this product, let alone seen it on the shelves in shops before! I spotted this in Wilkos this morning for £1 and I have never seen it before, I check the cleaning section daily - I know, call me sad but hey, who has the cleaner house ;) I'm always looking for new products to try and I picked this up this morning purely because I was intrigued, I'd never heard about it and obviously I wanted to try it.

I initially thought it was a new product, that was until I came home and did some research. I've found that a lot of people can't seem to get hold of this product anymore as the company who make it have gone to producing more of the modern liquid/foam/cream products rather than powder, like this one. But why isn't it readily available? Why are the likes of Mr Muscle, Cif, Cillit bang and Flash available in nearly every shop that stocks cleaning products and yet Vim has no place on the shelf? 

I had actually already left the product to 'work' when I sat down to read some of the reviews. I was actually quite impressed as I'd only actually seen negative things said about the fact that the bottles aren't actually full - they're more 1/2 - 3/4 full which wasn't all that bad as the reviewers then went on to say they'd been using the product for years and years and actually found that the powder lasted a very long time anyway.

For £1, you can't grumble. I already feel I've got my £1 back in satisfaction that for once, this is a product that actually does what it says. No, not one of those that 'claim' to do all these amazing things, this actually does what it says. The majority of the modern cleaners which are on shelves today claim to do everything, when in fact, they can barely shift sugar from a wet surface. I want to use products that actually make a difference. I don't want to waste money on rubbish products for the rest of my life... I've done enough on that and I'm only 22! You'll usually find me wasting money daily on products which are nothing but a let down and I'd get home really excited, start scrubbing and all I'd get for my trouble was frizzy hair. 

The one thing I don't like so great about this product is the smell. It smells like a hospital. No joke, I wonder if they use this in hospitals? It doesn't smell like strong disinfectant and it doesn't smell like bleach.. it's in the middle... like 'that' hospital smell.... 

It's also true that a little bit of elbow grease compliments this product nicely and that never hurt anyone!

Here's the before on the left, the right is the after. I didn't leave it to 'work' as I was far too excited to test it out. I literally just scrubbed for about a minute or so and rinsed down. It doesn't look as 'faded' as the first picture, the first picture of the draining board is actually cleaned, I washed it down with a sponge and washing up liquid a few hours before when I'd done the washing up. So you can see it's brought a nice shine out on it and got rid of some of the water marks and stains without scratching the surface. 

So next I tried it in the bathroom. I mixed it into a paste for this test and used a toothbrush as I wanted to get around the taps and grout.

 Here's some before pictures, grout slightly yellow.

 Yak, and look at that plug hole.. you can see the dirt in this picture clearly.

 Dirty taps....

Clean shiny taps with no water stains!

 I left it to work for about 10 minutes as there aren't actually any clear instructions on how long to actually leave it to work.. 

 I'm not even sure it's made a huge difference on the grout.. I may leave it on for a little longer next time but the whole sink looks cleaner and a lot more sparkly!

 And that plughole.... ahhh now clean! 

 Can't get over how shiny it's brought the ceramic... 

I'll try again with the grout and I'll leave it on a little longer and see how we get on... quite impressed it's managed to bring my sink up this shiny... It claims to whiten too, although I don't have much 'yellowing' areas I can test for that... unless it brings up my grout gleaming white next time I try :) It's brought the stainless steel up shinier than what white vinegar does when I've used that before.

Impressive... for a quid! 
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