New product packaging for Heinz too?!

Saturday, June 11, 2016

I also came across these Heinz tins earlier in Boots. Usually they're in boxes are the porridge but I really like the tins are they're resealable where the boxes aren't and they lack on keeping the product fresh/airtight.

It has a foil top which you remove and comes with a plastic scoop too, however... the scoop seems to have a hard time fitting back in the tin! You have to kind of, dig it back in, probably not even an issue if you're halfway down the tin but for a brand new tin which is pretty full it's a pain having to re-bury your scoop to then dig it back out each time you want to use it... that's a bit annoying...

This one smells soooooo good when you open that lid! I much prefer these tins as they are stack-able and a lot easier to see exactly how much of the product is left, you cannot see in the packets of the old boxes, you just have to guess.

I like 'um!

So who did it first, Cow & Gate or Heinz?
Who decided on the first move to re-design packaging?

Smart move from both, I like and much prefer the new designs :)

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