More Wilko Bargains... For Rhun..

Thursday, June 16, 2016

How cute are these little craft boxes I found on clearance at Wilkos? I think I paid 25p for the two and 45p for one of them. Rhun has just started to get into craft at playgroup and as well as eating the majority of the materials I think he actually likes taking part whilst making things.

They come in the cutest little boxes too...

We're going to save them for a rainy day when we have nothing else on :) Great for keeping the little ones busy.

I also picked up this Peppa Pig bedroom wall border, Rhun is Peppa crazy and I saw this for 10p and had to get it for him. It compliments his Peppa Pig canvases I found in a charity shop last year. I'll take some photos when I've found time to put it up. 

Another bargain of a day :) 

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