MAM Gum Massager Review

Thursday, June 09, 2016

I purchased this MAM gum massager quite a while ago when Rhuns' specialist advised me to get one to help him overcome his fear of textured objects in his mouth. At the time, he had (I'm so happy to be using that term) an extremely sensitive gag reflex and was teething quite bad. He had 6 teeth come through in the space of a few weeks so his gums were very sore and I can only imagine the pain he was having. We introduced this as a supervised 'toy' which for the first few weeks he did nothing but wave around in the air. After he got the hang of putting it in his mouth on his own terms we slowly introduced massaging of the gums and more importantly tongue and the inside of his cheeks (which was what set him off gagging). His issues with eating didn't help much, or his sensitive gag reflex didn't help his eating much more to the point! So the more we massaged the sensitive areas of his mouth daily, the more we desensitised his mouth, enabling him to put more objects (like spoons, toys, teethers) in his mouth without him gagging.

This gum massaging brush can be used from 3 months plus, Rhun is now coming up to 15 months now and we use it daily still. It's the best buy I've had which has helped with his eating! Rhun also loves brushing his teeth on a morning and doesn't like to let go of the toothbrush, even when we are in a rush to go out! So what I've started doing the past few weeks is once he's finished cleaning his teeth I swap the toothbrush for the massaging brush so he can sit and chew on it whilst we are on our way to playgroup or into town. He knows the difference between his toothbrush and the massaging brush and doesn't attempt to brush his teeth with this, instead he knows he can gnaw at it and play with the textured ends instead. I have at times also put teething gel on the ends of the brush and let him 'apply' it himself.

Can't fault this item what so ever, you can purchase them from Boots for £4.29 each which is where we got ours from. 
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