Get white trainers white again....

Monday, June 13, 2016

I love these little trainers. It's a shame they're white and I have a toddler!

However, I did manage to get them nice and white again without sticking them in the washing machine or using Vanish and items of the like...

I stuck them to soak in some hot water with some fairy washing up liquid, gave them a good scrub down with a hard toothbrush for the stitching etc then simply put them in a Tupperware tub full of whit vinegar!

The white vinegar is amazing at lifting dirt and grime and bringing whites back white again, I use it on my towels too in the washing machine. I left them for an hour or so, I could have left them overnight but wanted to let them dry so I could do this blog post!

So if you're ever stuck on how to get your white trainers white again, especially if they have mesh material like these, don't panic, use white vinegar! :)

Jobs a good 'en!


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