Garden Goodies at Poundland

Friday, June 10, 2016

Poundland do some great garden accessories, I've recently found out. Rhun loves the windmills and wind socks you can get so we have tried to get as many different designs as we could cram into the garden. He loves sitting in his pram watching them spin round from the wind whilst I sort the flowers out.

I actually went to Poundland this morning and got some small plastic fences because when the gardeners last came to cut the grass they weren't very careful and they damaged a few of my flowers and strimmed off a few heads! I was pretty angry!

Hopefully the fences will keep the plants/flowers safe!

You can also get some pretty cool crackle effect solar lights too, they have them in all different colours so go check them out. I got some grey plastic planters and pots too, they're pretty rigid plastic too!

Our garden looks super colourful now, Rhun loves it!

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