Fisher Price Cruise Around Activity Lion Review

Friday, June 10, 2016

I bought this for Rhun when he was about 7 months old, not really knowing all the things it could do. My living room at the time didn't really have anywhere other than the TV unit where he could sit and pull himself up to, that's why I got this, I thought it would come in handy for that very reason. He was only pulling himself up onto me at the time and had attempted to use the TV unit which was a complete no no!

This was the first item he had pulled himself up onto properly without my help. I remember him doing it for the first time and thinking to myself, 'don't fall, please don't fall!'. He was crawling around the room quite happily at that point finding objects to play with along the way. This one day I was sat on the sofa and he was sat on the floor by my feet, I began checking my phone and about a minute later he was at the other side of the room stood up holding onto the Lion Arch!

So there it started, Rhun had found his feet and hasn't stopped from that point onwards. I believe it gave him the confidence to stand up on his own without me there because of the sturdy design of the Lion. Not only that he began cruising around it whilst playing with the different buttons and activities it has to offer. He also learnt to dance to music with this, I would press the button and he would start dancing, the music would stop and so would he. He soon began to learn how to press the buttons and roll the top ball by himself which set the music off whenever he wanted it to go off.

It says it's suitable from age 6 months+, like I said before, we go Rhun is when he was 7 months old. The babies can lay under it to play with the inflatable ball, sit next to it and play with the activities on the lions legs, or stand and play with the top activities.

It has volume control on the top of the lion, it also features a spin ball on top which lights up when spun. Rhun absolutely loved this Lion but has sadly outgrown it and is now onto 'Big Boys Toys'... (Mommas Iphone, the fridge, the TV.....) as well as his play kitchen which he adores.

We had a great long (I say long because the Lion has a very annoying laugh..... Probably the only downfall!) few months with this Fisher Price toy and it has kept him entertained for hours on end. Would certainly recommend it to anyone, it kept Rhun entertained and I've struggled to find toys that do!  

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