First church service...

Sunday, June 12, 2016

 We were invited to our first church service today. Rhun was an absolute angel and was so well behaved, I was actually surprised. Not that he's a naughty child, no... just the fact that it was quite overwhelming for a newbie.. he handled it like a pro. He was comical as usual but really enjoyed himself with minimal noise - the odd cackle and laugh, which we can forgive... because he has a laugh like woody woodpecker! 

He looked MEGA cute in his waistcoat, shirt and tie. It was a small service with a celebration for the Queens birthday after the service, which obviously Rhun enjoyed as it was held at the Church he goes to for playgroup. We then enjoyed coffee, scones and sandwiches. He enjoyed himself the whole time, regardless of being extremely tired, he then went on to have tea at Weatherspoons with great nan and grandad. 

Massive thank you to Caroline, Jonathan, Ben, Sam & Seth for inviting us along. Rhun loved catching up with the boys! 

He makes me so proud.
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