Final pieces for the kitchen...

Monday, June 06, 2016

I thought I was missing something on my kitchen windowsill so I popped off into town this morning to see what I could grab. I, without question, went into Wilkos, picked up these artificial flowers and a small glass vase, I think I spent around £5 on those - I binned the receipt on a mad cleaning spree earlier! Then I went to Home Bargains as I had seen some small gems in there I thought would come in handy. The gems were 79p per pack.

Managed to pick this up from the Car boot sale this weekend just gone, has a label of £5.00 and I paid 50p! 

Also placed on my other two glasses I bought from Poundland last week - did you read that blog post?

Starting to absolutely LOVE my kitchen !!!!! 

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