Ellas Kitchen - Smooshy Snacks Review

Friday, June 03, 2016

You might have seen my previous post on these pouches, if you haven't take a quick look: blog post

So, to keep it short, Rhun absolutely loves these! I've never seen him finish a pouch so quickly! I think his favourite is the Strawberry & Beetroot - he literally doesn't take a breath whilst gulping it down!

They're not a meal, they're more of a smoothie snack, so the consistency is smoothie like rather than the thicker pouches you buy as meals. I love how it's a fruit mixed with a vegetable. He'd never had beetroot or cucumber before so I'm glad he's taken to them. He's eaten all of them quite happily so has no issues with the flavour of any of them. I paid the promo price (I think...) of 69p so at present they are extremely affordable!


We like them! Will buy them in more often when we see them as they're great for on the go healthy snacks! 

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