Ellas Kitchen - Grip me baby biscuits review

Tuesday, June 07, 2016

I purchased these Ellas Kitchen grip me baby biscuits from Boots a few weeks ago. They were in a cute little box which includes 12 individually wrapped baby biscuits. They were priced at £1.99 for the box which works out at around 16 pence per biscuit which I think is a very reasonable price, especially considering they are specially designed with toddlers in mind. They are also organic, contain no added salt or refined sugar, no concentrates and no additives or colourings.

As Rhun is still having a few issues with eating, I try and make sure all the snacks he eats are bite and dissolve texture based. Meaning, slightly crunchy but melt in the mouth as this limits his choking issues massively but at the same time enables him to learn how to chew foods and snack on snacks throughout the day as normal toddlers should. It also encourages him to try new things and flavours.

The other thing I quite like about them is that they go soggy quite quickly. I let Rhun take a bite when we first tried them to see how he would handle them, I then asked him to let me have the piece that was in his mouth (it had been in about a minute) to find that it was already soggy and heading on mushy which is the sort of snacks I'd like him eating at the moment as he doesn't have to sit and chew crunchy items for a few minutes at a time - which he obviously isn't used to. He handled it well and really enjoyed them. These biscuits are suitable for children aged 10 months and older.

He really seemed to enjoy these biscuits and they kept him quiet for a good 10 minutes. I got them in two flavours to alternate just so he doesn't get bored of the same flavour.

I really like these and I'm glad Rhun likes them too, he can be fussy with flavours sometimes so these are a winner! Highly recommend for snacks on the go.

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