Cow & Gate Spinach Breadsticks - Review

Monday, June 13, 2016

Great snack size - perfect for little fingers! 

These spinach breadsticks are such a great size for toddlers. Enough to keep them quiet and occupied but not heavy enough to fill them up just before dinner! We take these out with us in our Boon snack ball daily and they fit perfectly in there. The bag the breadsticks come in is a handy reusable bag which is a very generous size. I also like the fact that its not a boring flavour either, Rhun loves spinach so as soon as I saw these I knew he would love these too, which he does.

I've found that they are quite crunchy but the crunchiness doesn't last long before they go softer - which is ideal for toddlers who are moving onto snacks. We are just moving on from bite and dissolve textures so these are perfect. As a lot of you know Rhun has difficulties with some textures and chewing/swallowing some foods, we haven't experienced any issues and problems with these been too dry or anything and haven't had any choking episodes whilst trying out these snacks, bonus! 

We highly recommend these, much healthier than feeding crisps/chocolate etc. We will be stocking up on these they're a winner! 

Has your little one tried them yet? What do you think to them?

Thumbs up from us :) 
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