Saturday, June 11, 2016

 Maybe I shouldn't be this excited about a jar re-design... but I am! 

I saw these on the shelf today in Boots and immediately loved the new design. I think they look much classier and nicer than they did before. The labels aren't the paper labels, they're actually sticker labels which is a lot nicer in my opinion. You can also see more of the product through the label as they are mainly transparent.

What I also noticed is, they have a lot of new flavours available, the other flavours they had in the old jar design had been around for years, they still have those, but they also have extended their range and introduced some new flavours. I'm assuming they're spending a lot of time on their products and flavours at the moment, maybe in hope to gain a few more customers as competition in baby food is looking quite competitive. Obviously with other brands introducing Gluten Free, Vegetarian and Organic baby foods maybe Cow & Gate have decided to up their game. We also got contacted to test some of their new products a few weeks ago, some of their toddlers gluten free snack range which is now on shelves.

I like what Cow & Gate have done here, I really do!

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