Boon snack ball - Review

Monday, June 06, 2016

Chris picked up this Boon Ball waaay before Christmas for Rhun. Back when food and snacks were an issue. I've since, dug it out of the cupboard and started to use it, everyday!

I love it! I fill it with snacks for Rhun on a morning and it keeps us going until the end of the day when we get home. I've actually stuck in various things from peas to breadsticks! The ball keeps food fresh and twists off at the middle for easy cleaning and has a push swing lid which Rhun has now mastered, leaving him to get snacks himself.

The other thing I love about it is, no matter how many times he drops it or throws it on the floor, it's not once come apart nor scratched - that's a winner for me! The worst thing when out and about is opened packets of snacks that go off, open up and drop everywhere which are then wasted. These Boon Balls are so incredibly handy!

I think you can get them on Ebay for around £5 - possibly cheaper, this one came from TK Maxx.

Such a good little idea is this, I highly rate it!

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