Bloo Foam Aroma Review

Friday, June 24, 2016

I hadn't ever seen this up until today, picked it up for £3 whilst in Wilkos. It's a toilet cleaner but powder rather than liquid. I usually always refuse to use bottled bleach and bleach based cleaners, I try and find alternative products that would do the same job. I was intrigued by this product as I'd never seen a powder based toilet cleaner before. It does smell quite nice - this was Ocean Mist, it smells nice and fresh when you open the bottle.

Foam Aroma fills your bathroom with a beautiful ocean fragrance and leaves your loo sparkling clean. It fizzes and foams up the loo bowl, freshening and perfuming, all whilst helping to remove limescale.
For a sparkling loo, Rich cleaning action, Helps to remove limescale

Preparation and Usage

For best results use daily.
Mate, not been funny but at £3 a bottle you probably only get a weeks worth if that, and you advise to add another cap for extra freshness? Can you see where I'm going with this? 

1 Pour powder into the cap to the mark.
I did, because I'm stingy like that..
2 Tip the capful quickly into the loo from the top of the bowl.
Followed these instructions expecting an exciting show of ultra foam.... didn't happen.
3 The product will foam, releasing the fragrance.
Barely foamed, probably foamed for 2 seconds. Didn't even get excited about it. I was expecting it to be like a bath bomb.
4 Flush away for a sparkling clean toilet. Leave overnight for maximum limescale removal.
I've read different things about how to use this product, online it says it's meant to be used after flushing, yet on the bottle it says use before flushing.. I have zero limescale so didn't need to leave it overnight.

For even more ocean fragrance add another capful of FoamAroma.
Be such an expensive toilet cleaner if I did this .... 
You may notice a drop in the water level before flushing. This is normal.
Noticed a slight drop, nothing major, nothing I panicked about.

Safe to use with in cistern blocks, septic tanks and coloured toilet bowls. Use only as a toilet bowl cleaner.
I was glad about this as I currently have a Bloo Max cistern block in which only got put in yesterday.

The smell didn't linger much longer than about 30 seconds, as soon as I flushed the toilet as directed the smell did dissipate. I mean, the toilet looked clean before, how do I know this made any difference? I can't understand a product that takes zero elbow grease or a product that doesn't need time to 'work'... this is a little 

BORING.. GIVE ME SOMETHING THAT WORKS ALREADY.. Another useless product.. another waste of money. No thrill, no excitement and not even a fresh smelling toilet to thank them for. 
The bottle is quite a nice design/shape though... 
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