Allergic reactions & toddler tantrums

Saturday, June 04, 2016

Tuesday morning Rhun, out of nowhere, came out absolutely covered in spots which were under the skin. It didn't look like heat rash and he wasn't warm that morning either. No temperature although he was eating and drinking absolutely fine. The spots/rash would come out very obviously and then fade slightly, by the morning it would look almost like it was disappearing completely, then it would come back out in numbers.

 Fast forward to Wednesday and he had become irritable, wouldn't sleep, wouldn't eat or take his milk bottles. Although he was acting like he was dehydrated, very lethargic at times, extremely thirsty for water - not milk and didn't really want to play much. I had spoken to the doctors over a 5 day period and struggled to get an appointment as they thought he originally had chicken pox - this wasn't the case as the spots didn't fill up what so ever. Still struggled to get an appointment after I had told the doctors it wasn't chicken pox. They then told me it was probably viral (I feel they use this term far too often!) and it would run it's course and he should have gotten over the worst so would pick up by the next day been as he had been bad for 5 days.

I have never seen him so uncomfortable, he didn't want cuddles at one point, he screamed the entire town down and he just would not settle, even after neurofen and calpol. There's only so much you can do with a poorly, irritable toddler who won't let you touch them. So I made him a bottle of milk and left him to himself for ten minutes. He then had the biggest toddler tantrum I have ever witnessed threw himself on the floor and started to take his bottle. I was relieved, for a moment! Then he started going very drowsy and falling asleep on the carpet which he has never done. It's so scary seeing such a young person poorly because you are constantly second guessing because they just cannot tell you what is wrong. I knew he was uncomfortable but I wasn't sure if it was because these spots were itching him or what. I mean, do 14 month old toddlers even know what an itch is?!!? He hadn't really had much of a temperature so I knew it weren't a virus as this year alone he's had about 7 viruses and all with high temperature readings, this was different.

It's now Saturday and we finally managed to get a doctors appointment, thankfully! They sent us away with some Piriton and said he should feel better by the end of the weekend. He's had two doses of the Piriton and I've already noticed a fantastic improvement. Even though he's still not eating much he's sleeping better, the spots have faded and he's no where near as irritable and upset as he was before.

The question now - What did he react to?

Who knows, nothing has changed with his diet, my washing powders, cleaning products etc... maybe we will never know.

It just goes to show though, you have to trust your instincts, I knew straight away it wasn't a virus and pushed several times for a doctor to actually see him, i'm glad I did because Piriton has started to give me my boy back! 

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