A sticker-licious morning

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Me & Rhun had a fun morning applying his new glow in the dark stickers I picked up from Wilkos last week in the reduced section. They actually glow really bright but I haven't managed to take a picture of them in the dark yet because they won't show on my phone.

Rhun thought it was fab sticking stickers on the wall and not on himself for once, hopefully he won't be one of those kids that sticks apple stickers everywhere - that would be slightly annoying to say the least..

He was running around sticking bones wherever he could, especially on the skirting board - wasn't quite happy that I kept removing them though!

I'm trying to transform his room into a big boys room now he's in his big boys bed (separate post coming!) and originally wanted glow in the dark stars but saw these reduced instead.

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