£1.49 grass seed? Does it even work?

Thursday, June 23, 2016

The rain we've had lately has totally flooded EVERYTHING :( but you can see how bare it was around this manhole cover.  

Just as seed went down
2 weeks later
I picked up a cheap box of grass seed a few weeks ago from Home Bargains for £1.49. The box was quite generous & as I have never used grass seed I thought for that price, I'd give it a go. I was looking at grass seed in Wilkos and they can be quite expensive, ranging from £5-£25 so I looked past them & forgot about it until I spotted a cheap box in Home Bargains a few days after.

I forgot to take a photo of the box but I've taken some progress photos and I'm actually really surprised and obviously happy that I now have grass on the patches that were previously bald. It looks so much better now.

So next time you're out shopping and are on a bit of a budget, don't shy away from the cheaper brands, they work just as well as the high priced products :)

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