Weight loss update day 12.

Sunday, May 29, 2016

I've been dieting for 12 days now and so far I have lost 4.4lb.

I usually prefer takeaway Pizza... I cooked at home today.. does that count as the healthy option??
I totally suck at this diet stuff! There is greens though..... does that count???

I did an update last Sunday and I had lost 3.8lb. I've not done so great this week and I have had a few days where I've done nothing but comfort eat... well.. I'm hoping to see a huge improvement by this time next week. I already feel a lot slimmer, my smaller jeans fit me better and I've now got the motivation to carry on eating healthy and doing squats on a night.

 (I say eating healthy... does drinking count, cause I errrrr... just opened a bottle of Prosecco....????)

Diet resumes tomorrow in that case!!!!!!

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