Pink appliances and tile paint

Monday, May 23, 2016

 Ever started something and instantly regretted it?

Yes that's exactly how I felt with this tile paint I picked up the other day from Wilkos. It's extremely sticky and thick to work with, it smells absolutely rancid and it's very difficult getting the edge of the tiles to look straight - come to think of it, I totally should have used a ruler.. now there's an idea!

Anyway I need to finish them off tomorrow and get this kitchen sorted because I just want it finished and looking pretty now! 

I picked up this gorgeous kettle and toaster in Wilkos this morning for £15 each. My old kettle was a travel kettle and the time had come to get it replaced. Here's the size comparison!!!!

Looks so good in my freshly decorated kitchen - more on that one tomorrow!

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