Parvovirus B19 / Fifth Disease

Monday, May 02, 2016

It's been a few days since I last wrote a post on my blog. Rhun managed to catch Parvovirus B19 also known as Fifth Disease, which has not made our bank holiday fun! 

He's on the mend now after a week and a half of showing the worst and a raised temperature which unluckily for us was very difficult to regulate even with calpol/neurofen. It meant lots of sleepless nights and stripping him down, trying to keep him cool and comfortable. Lots of cuddles, antibiotics, dioralyte and sleep in mommas bed and he seems to be getting back to his normal self.

I put his temperature down to teething as he has recently had 4 teeth come through with another 2 on the way. I knew after a few days he wasn't himself because he did not want to play at playgroup (the number one fun place!) he just stayed clung onto my leg. He had also gone off his food and wanted to sleep more during the day. He only usually has 20 minutes of sleep all day so with him sleeping a few hours I thought it was odd. Because of his weakened immune system it's always a worry if he will get over viruses himself. They wouldn't normally prescribe antibiotics for Fifth Disease as it's a mild virus which children usually get over themselves after a few days or so. Rhun is on a course of antibiotics and is very much feeling back to his normal perky self, with a little added sleep! He's completely gone off all his food again, which for me is an absolute nightmare as he is the worst to feed at the best of times, I just hope he builds up an appetite again or we will be in trouble with the hospital at his check up on Friday. 

He hasn't had it easy since he turned 1. He had Scarlet Fever, tonsilitus and conjunctivitis all on his birthday week, all these new little teeth pop through at once and then the hospital put him on a new diet which he didn't take to very well. In between all that he's had severe sickness and stomach ache from eating wheat as part of a meal a few weeks ago (he's on a gluten free diet currently!) and now he gets Parvovirus B19!

He is currently getting weighed weekly but losing on average of a pound a week in weight, for someone who doesn't weigh a lot, that's a lot to be losing! He hasn't been very active, just quite poorly the last six weeks, hopefully our luck will turn and he will be bouncing back from illnesses faster as he gets older, it doesn't half knock him back a bit. 

No doubt he will be running around causing havoc in no time!

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