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Friday, May 27, 2016

As a lot of you know, because of Rhun's issues with eating, he still has super smooth puree from pouches - Mainly Ella's Kitchen (because they're our fave!). We came across these in Home Bargains today, they are boxes of x4 pouches which are usually between 80p-£1.10 a pouch. We picked up a box of 4 pouches today for an absolute bargain price of 69p! So we stocked up and got about 6 boxes as he has these as snacks throughout the day.

We have never seen them before, then I realised they had a 'NEW' banner on the front - probably the reason I hadn't seen them before, probably also the reason why they were on special offer. I spend an absolute fortune on the Ella's Kitchen pouches for Rhun, they can be so expensive... but he loves the Greek Style Yoghurt pouches and I often feed him the smaller pouches of Prunes for breakfast if he's got a little tummy ache.

We'll see what he makes of these :)

I'm quite proud of this find :)

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