Amazing car boot bargains...

Sunday, May 29, 2016

This morning I managed to pick up some Yankee Candle goodies! You either hit jackpot or see naff all I've found. I picked up this Yankee Candle votive holder for 50p and this slightly damaged Yankee Candle tart for 10p. That's not so bad when I'm a burner :) Quite happy with those two.

As a lot of you are probably aware, Carhartt is a US based clothing company that focuses on workwear. They have an outstanding reputation for having top quality clothing that is very durable. This 'Chase' jumper below retails brand new at around £70. We managed to pick this one up which has very minimal wear for .... wait for it..... 50p!!! We would have quite happily paid an extra few quid, obviously! Probably one of the best car boot bargains... to date...? 


These little gadgets come in handy all the time at my house. I managed to pick up this one which was brand new for 20p! I actually got it from the same stall I picked up the Yankee Candle tart for 10p :)

Only a few small finds today, the car boot is actually on tomorrow too because it's bank holiday but we are giving tomorrow a miss.

Not a bad day :) 

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