3.8lb lost in 5 days!

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Ok, so... since moving house I've put on a stone. A full stone. It's just not acceptable! I've been thinking how I could shift the extra weight and then I realised how unhealthy I actually eat. I mean, I do eat healthy but I also fill up on junk food too. 

Donuts and Rich Tea biscuits and that's me! I actually go through a full pack of Rich Tea biscuits a day! (You don't blame me though, those with a cuppa... mmmm!) I've cut out the pair of them and in 5 days I've actually managed to lose 3.8lb! AMAZING! Sometimes, it;s just sat right in front of you!

I've also been doing squats to tone up, it hurts... I feel that burn and it makes me want to cry!

Anyway, I'm so happy with my progress I'll be staying off the donuts and rich teas for a little while longer. My aim is to shift this stone before summer is out! 

I also read somewhere that sometimes if you feel hungry you could actually just be thirsty, so I've also tried that too which has resulted in me drinking more water for sure!

Let's see where I am this time next week :) 

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