Why I clean with fabric softener

Sunday, April 24, 2016

So I filmed a short clip earlier of me cleaning some grime near the doorframe and metal carpet plate in the new house.

Here's the link you can see how great fabric softener is at lifting grime without too much elbow grease.. (you still need a little obviously!) and it smells heavenly afterwards! Any fabric softener will work but lately I've been doing my floors with comfort intense because I'm so in love with the fragrance (fuchsia passion) it would hurt me if I didn't!

Video Link (don't forget to subscribe!)

People are often baffled at how and why I use fabric softener to clean with, well just because they've either never thought to use it outside their washing machine or they just simply aren't as adventurous as me! It repels dust like nothing else, it lifts grime a lot easier than standard grime cleaners and it smells a lot better than most household cleaners which often smell of bleach and disinfectant.

I clean my floors with it, cupboards, carpets, walls, tiles.. you name it I've done it!

So have you ever used fabric softener to clean with? What did you make to it?

I'll post more videos on my youtube soon :)

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