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Monday, April 25, 2016

So yesterday I'm not sure how or why it happened but whilst talking with some friends the conversation shifted to cleaning & laundry habits, I was asked how I washed my clothes.. Obviously I replied with 'In a washing machine!'...

We soon got talking about what washing detergent and fabric softener we used (which is obviously my favourite conversation topic, like... ever!). Catherine told me she puts her washing powder in the drum as it all sticks together in the compartments in the drawer. In my experience this happens if either the washing machine spouts are clogged up meaning the water isn't washing the powder away properly or the type of powder used. She told me even when it was a new machine it still stuck together in the compartment. This was then when I asked her what powder she used. I've found products like Surf etc with the tiny fragrance dots/balls are more prone to clog up in the drawer (don't ask why it's just something I've noticed over the years)... And yes, Catherine uses Surf washing powder!

The question was bugging me inside, I had to ask....

'How often do you clean your washing machine?'

the conversation went something like this...

Catherine: I never clean it????? Where do you clean? I clean the rubber bits inside the door but that's it. I don't clean the drawer as it stays clean (or looks it) as I don't put powder in.

Me: There's your answer then. I use Fairy non bio it's a softer powder, it doesn't stick together because it lacks all the fragrance beads and chemicals but I still clean my machine twice a week. 

I told her I would show her how I cleaned my washing machine but given we don't get chance to see much of each other I said I would do a video step by step showing what I do twice a week to keep on top of the maintenance of the machine. 

I use Wilko's own brand White Vinegar which is around £1 per bottle, it gets rid of all the left over soap suds and fabric softener and neutralises the smell of the machine too. So here's a quick video of how I properly clean my machine, even if it looks clean! 


I love my washing machine and take so much pride in how clean it is inside and out! 

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