Summer Salads, I'm going GREEN!

Monday, April 25, 2016

I appear to have gained a stone in weight. I was so confused and baffled I actually thought the scales were broken. Then it occurred to me.. All those lovely jubbly Greggs croissants for breakfast every morning cause weight gain... especially if you order 3 at a time like me! So that's it, my size 8 jeans are comfortably seam splittingly tight, I have to do something about this. I absolutely love vegetables anyway and I'm not afraid of a green salad once in a while. I'll be ditching the croissants and having high fibre, wholegrain cereal for breakfast instead and I'll be attempting to eat more salads.

I'll keep you updated with how it goes! 

P.s check out these awesome shots I took a few years ago I just found on my laptop, they had zero use until now! Great way to use some of my old shots, wouldn't you say so? 


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