Product Review - Comfort Fragrance Burst (Pink Radiance)

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

First of all, I don't even feel this product is worthy of a detailed review... but I'm going to give it one anyway. Everything about it is a let down. I usually feel really passionate about laundry/cleaning products, this product however is definitely not on the 'I'll buy again list'.

So you're probably wondering what on earth is wrong with it. To start with I mentioned in my previous post this product was on special as a promotion. Instead of £4.50 it was £2.25, which agreed is not a bad price, but that's to rope people into buying it because it's a new product.

The bottle size is 250g, I usually buy Lenor Unstopables for £2.50/£3 (depending on shop) for 375g when on offer which is, quite luckily, very often! 

Here's a picture of the 'scent beads' up close. The ones on the left are Lenor Unstopables, on the right we have Comfort Fragrance Burst. 

Slightly bigger, a lot more colour and they were a lot greasier to touch. Below is the bottle and instructions. I added 1 cap to my wash (I usually go way overboard with the recommended dose but didn't today).

Here's what's on the bottle:

Pearls first... Clothes second.
Transform your laundry experience with Fragrance Burst by Comfort.
- Carefully place the perfume pearls directly in the machine drum before loading your laundry.
- Choose your own level of fragrance
*1 Cap - Light burst
**2 Caps - Everyday burst
Recomended dose 2 caps. Maximum dose 3 caps per wash.
DONT FORGET to add detergent and fabric conditioner for clean and soft laundry.
- Suitable for all machine loads
*When used with Comfort's best selling fabric conditioner

I'm not convinced my laundry would smell any better if I had added the recommended 2 cap dosage. I used 1 cap which is described as a light burst. Don't get me wrong the smell did linger for quite some time but it was a very very sweet and sickly heavy perfume scent and not my ideal fresh scent which I would usually like. Compared to the Lenor Unstoppables this product did smell heavily of floral perfume, it was quite overpowering and I could almost taste the scent pearls in my mouth. The Unstoppables is again a sweet smelling product but did not carry any perfume scent what so ever, it was a refreshing sweet scent which like advertised does last until the next wash.

I actually found the below questions online linked to a Comfort poll, I thought it was a great way to review the product.

1. What do you think to the fragrance of Pink Radiance Fragrance Burst? 
The scent to me seemed very overpowering with a very strong link to floral perfume.

2. Do you think it delivers a fresh fragrance at each stage of the wash? 
It did not smell fresh or 'laundry like' what so every in my opinion.

3. What did you think to the amount of perfume pearls you are meant to use? 
I used 1 cap rather than the recommended 2 caps. I don't think I could justify spending £4.50 on a bottle if I were to use the recommended dose as the bottle just would not last very long.

4. How long did the fragrance last? Could you still smell it on your clothes after wearing them all day, how about if they'd been put away?
I didn't even manage to wear the clothes as I didn't like the scent. The fragrance did last, it lasted so long in my kitchen that it began making me sneeze and gave me a headache resulting in me rewashing the whole load again without the product.

5. What do you think to the packaging?
I really like the design on the front of the packaging.

Will you buy the product again?


If you have tried this product please do let me know what you think, maybe it's just me that isn't a fan of the scent. I mean, they are called perfume pearls.. it delivers a very strong perfume smell, so if that's what you like then give them a try. For now I've managed to pass on the bottle to my good friend Holly, I'm sure she will like write a review soon (she actually liked the smell when the bottle was open!).

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