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Monday, April 18, 2016

I can't wait for summer. The smell of fresh washing drying on the line, the sun hitting your cheeks as soon as you step out of the door...

I know, I know we're in the middle of April and we are forecast snow this week but we've had a few summery days lately and it's nice to make the most of them! Here's a product that really gets me into that summer mood! It really is summer in a bottle!

My obsession is right here. Fabric softener! There is absolutely nothing better than clean, fresh smelling laundry. I've been using this particular scent by Comfort for a few years now and I have not got bored of the smell. I use fabric softeners in pretty much most washes I do.

 I love the fact they add softness to the clothes and finding the right scent which smells divine when you open that washing machine door is just a bonus! I'm not going to lie, I do add twice the amount that is recommended on the back of the bottles, but each to their own, I love a strong scent and I like to be able to smell my washing from down the road on a nice summers day when it's drying on the washing line. I always have compliments about the fragrance of my clothes, even when I take my boy to playgroup, it's the first thing people mention. They just want to pick him up and sniff him!

I only buy fabric softeners when they're on special offer. This current bottle 1.5l was £1.85 rather than £3.50. I have fabric softeners for specific uses, I use Tropical Burst on my boys clothes (have done since he was born with no irritation what so ever) and on his blankets. They smell just as fresh when you go to rewash them as what they did when you first took them out, even if they are grimy and covered in baby food, vomit and all the other joyful things we find on kids clothes! 

I suffer with extremely sensitive skin and over the years I've reacted quite badly to other softeners, however I have never had this issue with Comforts fabric softeners at all, which is even better!

I love the fact that it smells like a big burst of summer when you open that washing machine door. It's a very sweet and slightly fruity scent, just like it says, it smells very tropical! I always tend to dry my clothes inside on my clothes airer and when the heating is on the smell of this softener floods my house, it smells absolutely gorgeous! 

I also use this softener to clean my floors which are lino. I know sounds bizarre doesn't it! Not to someone who is so anal about cleaning that they've found another great use for it!

First I fill up my washing up bowl with hot water and add a few capfuls of softener into it. Leave it a few minutes, I usually leave the room for five minutes or so and come back to the whole kitchen smelling fruity and sweet. It's the best air freshener! I hand clean all my floors with cloths rather than a mop, a mop spreads more germs in my opinion. I put all the cloths on a hot wash to clean them and then im able to reuse them for the same job next time. I whip out the marigolds, my cloth and clean my floors with it! I have found though, if you use too much softener (if you are greedy for ultra fresh floors!) then you end up with a film of greasy residue on your floors, not great! Two capfuls for a bowl full of water is a good ratio I've found.

There are obviously a tonne more uses for fabric softener which i will share, just not today. You'll have to keep checking back :)

Will I buy this product again? YES!

Let me know if you've tried it! Do you rate it too?


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