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Saturday, April 16, 2016

I recently moved house, well I say recently it's actually coming up to 6 weeks ago now. I'm so relieved to have finally moved out of the gloomy, second floor, damp flat that I had been in for 2 1/2 years. Don't get me wrong, I didn't mind living there to start with, that was before all the problems arose. The damp, attempted robberies, useless landlord, outstanding repairs day in day out.. It had memories, good and bad like most things. It was my first home, we had endless photoshoots there and I went into labour with my gorgeous little boy there too! 

I'm now in a gorgeous new place, lovely neighbours, quiet area and there's no stairs! Bonus! 

Here's some pictures of my new bathroom - I love a bit of decorating!

I managed to redecorate the whole place (it's 2 bedroomed) on under £80! I also love a bargain and i'll be sharing my secrets, tips and tricks with you all in the near future :)

 I hunted high and low for matching crackle items for my bathroom! Luckily I moved the week all the sales started for summer, winner! Hope you all like what I've managed so far, I will post some before and after photos for comparison at some point so you can see what I had to tackle! 

Canvases £1 each from Poundland

Shelf £9.99 from Home Bargains

Toilet Roll Holder reduced to £2.99 from Wilkos

Crackle Balls reduced to £3.99 from B&M
Crackle Vase reduced to £3.99 from B&M

Crackle soap dispenser £3.99 Ebay

Crackle light pull reduced to £1 from B&M

Crackle toothbrush holder £1.50 from AgeUK

LOVE sign £1 from Salvation Army

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