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Monday, April 18, 2016

So today out shopping I noticed a new product on the shelves which I hadn't seen before. Comfort fragrance burst.

These are very similar to the Lenor Unstoppables (which i'm a HUGE fan of!) I've taken a photo for comparison, the bottle is smaller than Lenor and what I thought it was missing was a squeeze & sniff lid like the Unstoppables have. Maybe I'm being picky but I couldn't really smell much through the bottle of the Comfort but picked it up because I thought well, I'm a fan of Comfort softeners so maybe I'll be a fan of this too!

In my opinion it has a lot to live up to. Lenor Unstoppables have such a high standard going on I'm not confident i'll be converted! It was on special offer as a promo for £2.25 rather than £4 (I think!).

I haven't tried it yet as I only bought it this afternoon and I do my washes on a morning. Tomorrow will tell. I'll write a full review once I've used it a few times :)

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