Charity Shop Bargains..

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Had a bit of a trip out of town yesterday and obviously the only shops I go in are charity shops. I absolutely love them! You can't beat a good bargain, especially when you have a child that thinks it's funny to keep outgrowing clothes before he's even had chance to wear them!

Picked up this cute little tshirt from NEXT. If you shop at NEXT you know how pricey it can be but also how cute their range of children's clothes are. I've actually managed to pick up a lot of NEXT clothes recently without paying the top price labels. This little top was 75p!

  These trendy little trainers also from NEXT had a price tag of £1.50! What an absolute bargain! They are a size ahead of what he's in at the moment but who cares, you can't leave a bargain like that on the shelves :) perfect for his first little walking trainers! 

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